5 Easy Fun Yoga Poses For Kids - And You

Stuck inside with the kids going a little crazy? We feel you. Whether it be because of lockdown, just plain old winter or normal parenting life – we get it! Kids are, well…a lot. Love them, but I also love wine time. So Mumma let’s change things up together with these 5 easy fun yoga poses for kids - and you that you are both going to love.

Maybe you’re feeling guilty because, like me, you have a three-year-old who already wants to stare at an iPad for hours? I mean, I gave it to her once, on a plane, could it really be that bad? 

Either way, exercising with our minis is such a gorgeous way to spend time together and connect. Grab a yoga mat, turn off the technology (yes, that’s right, not a YouTube yoga for kids video) and get ready to have some fun.

8 Easy Fun Yoga Poses For Kids - And You

5 Easy Fun Yoga Poses For Kids - And You

There are certain poses in yoga that are not only easy and fun, but also really beneficial for kids but are also really easy to learn. Try choosing 5 yoga poses for a session with your mini. 

When teaching each pose try weaving it into a story. Just start telling them a story with yoga poses you know. Go with the flow (literally) and feel free to make the story up as you go. 

There is something about our voice expression that makes it incredibly compelling and makes kids want to listen - Yep they really will *crazy*.

Here’s 5 easy fun yoga poses to get you started:

5 Fun easy yoga poses for kids - and you


Through storytelling, yoga poses really come to life. I mean, teaching a kid without it, is kind of impossible right? Now, here’s the hint, most yoga poses are animal or nature-related things. Telling a story about a unicorn (can you tell I have a daughter?) is not so hard right, and she will be listening to every word. 

The unicorn and the girl could go on an adventure through the trees, in the sun, amongst the butterflies and they come across a lotus flower. Just like that, you have your yoga session sorted. 

Is your kiddo getting a little distracted? That’s ok, kids generally have a million times more energy than the average adult (especially a mum who’s trying to keep up with life). 

So get them to practice jumping, hopping or running in between the poses. Just like that, you have completed a yoga routine with your mini, and have had a heap of fun in the process

Not so creative? No problem. Start with a story you already know. I’m pretty sure we all have some animal books lurking in those bookshelves and I am sure you all know ‘Where is the Green Sheep’ off by heart, right? 

Use this as your inspiration and act it out using the poses that are relevant to the animals and features from the book. Adventure or animal books are the perfect place to start!

Still not convinced that you can master the mum and me yoga time? That’s ok, plan ahead. Take a book, note down some yoga poses down that you love and create your routine prior to the workout. 

It’s always easier to have an animal that leads the story so that you can keep coming back to that pose throughout the session.

Voila, session done and you can feel great knowing that not only have you spent some quality time with your mini, you’ve also helped to improve their health and wellbeing too! 


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